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Copycat Puts Gorilla Glue In Her Hair When She Sees All The Attention It Gets

Not long ago, Tessica Brown became an overnight viral sensation after she used Gorilla Glue to keep her hairstyle in place. Although Brown had to endure hours of suffering at the emergency room in an effort to get the glue out of her hair – which did not even work – 20-year-old Avani Reyes figured it was an easy way to become TikTok famous. Since Reyes already had about 466,000 followers on the Chinese-created social media platform, she grabbed some Gorilla Glue from her local home improvement store and got to work styling her hair.

In the video, Reyes goes through the process of how she usually does her hair. This time, instead of using hair products like styling gel or hair spray, she uses industrial adhesive Gorilla Glue to keep her hair in place. Within moments, she begins to realize her mistake.

“Guys, my hair will not comb,” she said in the video. Almost instantly, she realizes that she has made a mistake that cannot be easily fixed. “Y’all, I already tried wetting it.”

The video quickly went viral on TikTok with more than 1.8 million views and counting.

Reyes looks quite upset that the comb will no longer pass through the hair. The reason that it won’t work is pretty obvious – Gorilla Glue is no joke. It’s an extremely strong adhesive used to secure house and home improvement projects – not to style hair and keep it in place.

TikTok users flooded Reyes’s video with tens of thousands of comments. Some of them included harsh reminders that Reyes did this to themselves.

“We don’t feel sorry for you,” wrote Prisca.

“Someone was hungry for views, huh?” wrote another.

“Okay, and what do you want us to do about it?” Nemanja Majstorovic asked the TikTok content creator.

“Congratulations,” wrote Jaylocks. “Fix it yourself.”

“I don’t even feel bad. We all don’t feel bad.”

“Talk about a copycat,” wrote another user.

“Who (is) giving you money? Not us, sis.”

“You thought we were going to donate?”

“You should feel embarrassed.”

Tessica Brown went viral on Black Twitter when she shared her Gorilla Glue mishap with social media. Before long, Brown became a social media sensation because of the foolish thing she did to her hair. Brown was forced to seek medical treatment to get the industrial adhesive out of her hair, and still, that did not work. She was sent home after hours of treatment in the emergency room and ordered to continue applying acetone to her hair in an effort to break down the glue compound so it could be removed from her hair.

Now, Avani Reyes must learn how difficult it is to get Gorilla Glue out of human hair. Although this video was the first announcement about the Gorilla Glue stunt, Reyes continued to create numerous videos, all of which have more than a million views. Although she sacrificed herself for fame, she seems to have achieved it – although this attention is bound to be fleeting as people lose interest.

What do you think about this Gorilla Glue copycat?