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Cops Horrified When They See What Drunk 9-Yr-Old Girl Is Dragging Around

When Missouri officers were investigating a separate crime, they happened to come across a highly intoxicated 9-year-old girl near the scene. However, her being drunk was only part of the problem when they realized what she was toting around with her from three depraved monsters whose sick secret got out.

Residents in the area of Gravois Mill originally called the police on Friday night to report what they thought was shots going off inside a nearby home. Morgan Couty officers responded, and as some went inside the residence, others held back to survey the scene around the house. When they noticed a few kids in a car parked outside, they were sick at what was uncovered shortly after opening the door.

The little girl was inside the car and visibly intoxicated on alcohol, but she also had her parent’s stash out there with her, including multiple firearms, marijuana, prescriptions pills, and methamphetamine, KY3 reported. The drunk little girl was immediately transported to the hospital where she showed a blood alcohol content of .093 percent. Miraculously, she’s expected to be okay, but the same can’t be said for the three disgusting adults that got her into this situation.

Leading the pack of three sick rats is 26-year-old Brian Plemmons, who has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and drug possession. Allison Williams, 24, and Robert Yount, 30, got off easier, only having been hit with multiple drug and firearms charges, but they were spared the endangerment charge.

Not a single mention of who will have temporary or permanent custody of the kids has been reported. It’s only by the grace of God that these children didn’t ingest any of the drugs or accidentally fire one of the guns since the girl could have easily made that fatal mistake in her intoxicated state. The children were given a second chance at childhood, and hopefully welfare authorities don’t screw it up by giving custody to the wrong people.