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Cops Horrified After Walking Into House Learning Where Woman Has Been Trapped For 5 Days

Alison Gibson of Michigan was happy to run herself a bath after a long day. She got into the water, allowing the relaxation and peace embody her. However, when it was time for her to end her peaceful bath session, Alison found herself in a troubling situation. She couldn’t pull herself out of the tub.

She was trapped – and she has no way of getting out.
The world continued on outside of Alison’s bathroom window for almost a week. She heard kids outside playing, cars driving by, birds chirping. No matter how hard she screamed, no one could hear her…

Terrified, alone and completely drenched, Alison sat in the tub for five agonizing days. She had no food and only bathwater to drink when she got thirsty. Alison told Inside Edition that she had to resort to the basic function of the tub when it came to survival.

“When I got cold, I ran the hot water. And when I got thirsty, I ran the cold water and drank the cold water out of my hand.”
Just as Alison was starting to lose hope, her neighborhood postal worker was starting to get concerned. He noticed the mail piling up in her mailbox and brought it to the attention of her neighbors. Thankfully, the neighbors heeded the postman’s warnings – they ran over to her house right away and began peering through windows.

That’s when Alison used the last bit of her strength to make her presence known:
“Somebody was outside my window and they started yelling so I yelled back.”

They called 9-1-1 and within minutes, first responders broke down her door. Lansing Police Chief Wilborn told Inside Edition that it was a sad water-soaked scene when they first arrived.

“In the bathroom when we opened the door the back of it was covered in mold, the floors were soaking wet, the paint on the walls was bubbling from all of the moisture and actually the ceiling was dripping wet.”

Clearly, Alison couldn’t have survived for much longer in her predicament. She was so thankful her postman cared enough to take action when she couldn’t save herself. What a hero!

Learn more about Alison’s horrific bathtub ordeal in the video below. We’re so glad she’s okay!