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Cop Takes Homeless Widow’s Kids, What She Did Next Was Shocking

Officer Stanley Newman warned Martha that if she didn’t care for her children she’d lose her parental, rights and he’d have to take them away the woman pleaded with him. Not to do so, but officer Newman had no choice. Martha had nowhere to go after her. In-Laws kicked her out of their house. Her husband had died tragically in a car accident, and her mother-in-law was pretty convinced that her daughter-in-law was a bad open in her son’s life, which is why it happened.

Martha an orphan and now a widow with three children and no money or shelter wandered the streets. For a while, before finding a small job to support her children during the day, she’d collect plastic wraps and sell them to vendors for a few dollars and at night, she’d scour the alleys behind restaurants for leftovers to feed her children. Read the full story here ▶