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Cop Checks House of Old Lady Not Seen for Days, Hears Morse Code Behind Door

Cop checks house of old lady not seen for days, here’s Morse code behind the door. It was a bright sunny morning for the police department, as Jared Orr’s newfound job title would identify him: Officer Jared. He walked into the police station in a crisp, pristine uniform and a cup of steaming Americano in his hands. Today was going to be an amazing day. Jared was determined not to make any errors and vowed not to take his colleagues’ criticism personally. He calmly got into their creaky old Chevy’s patrol car.

Officer Destin switched on his computer monitor, but as you might have guessed by now, Jared’s fate had always been funny and embarrassing to him at the most inappropriate moments. “Damn, oh no, god,” he cried minutes later, inadvertently knocking the coffee cup over onto the case files that lay on the table. Read the full story here ▶