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Cop Buys Shoes For Barefoot Homeless Teen, Photos Go Viral

A homeless woman was behaving suspiciously at the Promenade Mall in Temecula, California.

Deputy Bruce Pierson arrived on the scene and approached her – he asked her what she was doing barefoot.

The woman told him that she had been moving from car to car so she could stay in the shade.

The woman had no shoes, and her feet were covered in calluses.

woman and cop
Image Credit: Joshua Rounds / Facebook

The woman, who goes by Franki, told Pierson that she was 18 and had been homeless since she was 12.

She and her boyfriend were living on the streets.

Pierson took Franki to a Payless Shoe Source and got her a new pair of shoes.

Customers in the store all chipped in a little money to help! See, kindness is contagious!

Image Credit: Joshua Rounds / Facebook

The officer was doing what he thought was right. He got the support of other customers in the store!

It makes you feel good to help another person in need!

Thank you, Officer Pierson!