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Conservative Journalist Points Out One Big Problem With Jimmy Kimmel’s “Reason” Why Americans Dislike Kamala

Jimmy Kimmel, the man who used to film young, busty women jumping on trampolines, is now calling everyone who doesn’t like Kamala Harris a “sexist” and a “racist.” Man, at this point, I don’t think there’s anything left that ISN’T “racist” according to these whack jobs. Oh, Missy, you made bacon and eggs this morning? RACIST! It’s gotten well past the point of absurdity. But losing elections and tanking poll numbers won’t stop these communist loons from pushing the same stuff that lost them the election and tanked their poll numbers.

Kimmel once again used the opening monologue of his show – that’s fallen in the ratings, by the way – to shame anyone in America who doesn’t like Kamala Harris. This move comes after a USA Today poll found that only 38 percent of Americans approve of Joe Biden and Kamala tanked even lower with an embarrassing 28 percent.

So, while Kimmel wants to blame all of us for being horrible people, the fact of the matter is that nobody likes Kamala Harris, not even Democrats. That’s why Harris had to drop out of the primary so early, literally, nobody wanted her.

And that’s exactly what conservative journalist Siraj Hashmi said in a tweet: “Kamala Harris dropped out of the 2020 Democratic primary before any votes were cast because she was so unlikeable among Democratic voters, but go off, king.”


I thought Hillary Clinton was the most unlikeable woman on the Democrat side, but I was wrong. It’s actually Kamala.

At least Hillary has a large base of supporters, Kamala has nothing… well, except for those “81 million voters” who seemed to have disappeared right when she needs them most.