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Childhood Bully Asks Her Out, But She Secretly Had Waiter Slip Him A Revenge Letter

This is truly a story of sweet revenge. At the age of 12, Louisa Manning was bullied by an older boy at school. He would call her mean names, like “hairy” and “man-beast.” He made fun of her for being overweight.

Louisa’s body-image issues led to years of eating disorders. Then, in college, Louisa turned her life around. She got healthy and her confidence bounced back.

One day at a college sporting event, Louisa happened to bump into the same boy who used to bully her — only now they were both 10 years older.

The former bully had no idea who he was talking to and flirting with, but she knew exactly who he was. In a strange turn of events, Louisa’s former bully asked her out on a date. Read the full article here ▶