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Bus Driver Notices A Young Boy’s Shoes, Immediately Calls 911

The California police are hailing a bus driver a hero after he saved a little boy from a kidnapper. The driver, Tim Watson, was on his Friday morning shift when he read a police alert that expressed how a child went missing from the Milpitas public library. The report said that the boy was taken from the library by a homeless man, who appeared to be in his twenties, and was going to have God knows what done to him.

Watson noticed the boy and the homeless man when they boarded his bus. Because the pair matched the police description exactly, he knew that he was in a position to aid the police in bringing the kidnapper to justice. That’s when Watson decided that he was going to come up with a plan to bring the kidnapper to the police without the man noticing.

A plan came into his mind. The bus driver announced that someone had left a backpack on the bus, and he was going to have to stop the ride to search for it. When he got closer to the man and the boy, he noticed that the boy’s shoes were red, which matched the police description exactly. Upon seeing the boy’s shows, he knew that he had the kidnapper and the victim on his bus – exactly where he wanted them until the police came.

After conducting his fake search of the backpack, Watson exited the bus and placed a 911 call on his phone. Instead of calling about the backpack, he alerted the police to the kidnapping in progress and urged them to hurry because he had the perpetrator exactly where he wanted them.

The police told Watson to keep driving the bus as he normally would. When he arrived at the next bus stop, which was the Fremont BART station, the police were already there and waiting for him.

The police apprehended the suspect, who was 23-year-old Alfonso Edington. He exited the bus with the child and was immediately identified by police. One of the police officers had to pry the kidnapped boy from the homeless man’s grip to rescue him.

Watson “became very emotional” after the officers told him more about the abduction. He was horrified to know that the boy had been nabbed while spending time at the public library. The library is supposed to be a safe place where children can learn and read books to improve their minds.

“This could have been my child that was abducted. What if I didn’t read that message until I got to Fremont BART?” he said.

Following Watson’s heroic act, Edington was charged with kidnapping and arrested. Meanwhile, the three-year-old victim was brought to the police station, where he was reunited with his worried parents.

Fortunately, Watson was paying attention while on the job. Because he had received the police alert, he was able to act accordingly when he came upon the kidnapper and the victim. Thankfully, he kept calm and did what he had to do to get the kidnapper into handcuffs and to save the boy from the perp.