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Brute On Bike Punches 60-Year-Old Woman In Brooklyn, 4 Firefighters Make Him Regret It

The dramatic moment a brute on a bicycle punched an unsuspecting 60-year-old woman in the face was captured on surveillance video. More shocking than the unprovoked attack, however, is what four firefighters who witnessed the assault decided to do about it, and that was all caught on camera too.

Daniel Biggs, a 53-year-old New York man who’s no stranger to police, launched an unprovoked attack while riding his bike in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn on a Wednesday evening. Biggs made one huge miscalculation, however, when he decided to punch an unsuspecting 60-year-old woman in the face. Not only was he on camera, but he was also in front of a fire station — and firefighters were watching. Read the full story here ▶