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British woman fighting for life after her twin battles crocodile

A young British woman in an induced coma after a crocodile attack in Mexico has now developed sepsis from her wounds. Twins Melissa and Georgia Laurie, 28, were swimming in a lagoon near Puerto Escondido when the former was grabbed by a crocodile.
Georgia fought off the crocodile to save Melissa’s life.
But she remains in an induced coma after being thrown around “like a rag doll” by the crocodile.
She suffered organ lacerations, internal bleeding and water on her lungs.
On a fundraiser page, their older sister Hana described the circumstances leading up to the attack.
“My sisters were taking a break from their ambitions to scuba dive and work with animals when they took a trip with a guide recommended by their hostel near Puerto Escondido, in Mexico,” Hana wrote.
“It’s still unclear exactly where they were, but a crocodile attacked the group and viciously bit and shook Melissa.
“It has since transpired that this guide was known locally to be operating in an unlicensed and illegal way, but since is nowhere to be found.”
She wrote that Georgia hit the crocodile repeatedly in a bid to save her sister.
“We are so lucky that Georgia was there, and had immediate reaction through her water rescue training to fight off the crocodile and drag Mel to safety,” Hana wrote.
“Georgia punched the crocodile repeatedly as it came back three times to attack, while friends of theirs went to get help.”
Georgia has now been discharged from hospital, but Melissa remains in a “delicate” condition.
The family is now trying to get from their home in Berkshire to Mexico, a difficult proposition given the pandemic.
Puerto Escondido is a scenic tourist town in the southern state of Oaxaca.