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Boyfriend took a gun and shot his pregnant girlfriend and her unborn baby to death because she refused to do this to the unborn child!

Police officials said the 21-year-old suspect, later identified as Donovan, was taken into custody for the double homicide of his 18-year-old girlfriend Kaylin and her unborn baby nearly 10 months after the pregnant was found shot to death in her car at a park.

The young woman was found dead with a gunshot wound in the driver’s seat of her parked car. Office, who was patrolling the park, noticed the car backed into a parking spot and still running. When he peered inside, he discovered Kaylin’s body in the driver’s seat, police said in a report.

According to the police officials, the 21-year-old man reportedly killed his pregnant girlfriend and her unborn child because the woman refused to get an abortion. Read the full story here ▶