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Boy Enters Water To Cool Off, Looks Down And Sees His Bloody Legs

After playing soccer, a teen walked down to the beach and put his feet in the ocean. When he took them out, he noticed something stuck to him, so he brushed it away. It started bleeding. When it wouldn’t stop, he was rushed to the hospital. That’s when doctors broke the news.

Sam Kanizay was just 16 years old when he received the shock of his life. The teen went wading at the beach to cool off after finishing a soccer match in Melbourne, Australia, only to leave the water and soon realize that his legs were dripping with blood. Unbelievably, it seemed mysterious sea creatures had tried to eat the boy alive, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

After only being knee-deep in the ocean at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton, Sam felt something but didn’t think much of it. Read the full story here ▶