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Boston named as the most obese town in the UK – but how does the rest of Lincolnshire compare?

A new study has revealed that Boston has more overweight people living there than anywhere else in the country – with one in THREE classed as obese.

Fitness gurus WE:BO conducted the experiment using figures obtained from the Office of National Statistics.

And the results showed that Boston led the way nationally as 34% of the town’s population was revealed to be classed as obese.

South Holland featured in top 20 nationally for the percentage of the population needing to shed the pounds with 30.1% while East Lindsey was the third highest in the county with a score of 29.9%.

South Kesteven (25.9%), North Kesteven (26.8%), West Lindsey (26.1%) and Lincoln (25.3%) all posted a higher percentage of people living in the area at a healthier weight, although all were higher than the average for the east of England.

The full table of results for places in the Lincolnshire area
The full table of results for places in the Lincolnshire area

“Obesity has risen sharply in the last 10 years,” said Sanjeev Virdi, founder of we:bo.

“As personal fitness trainers we were really interested in seeing if there was any correlation between obesity rates and things like average wages, the number of fast food outlets and even the number of gyms available.

“We have a responsibility in the UK to help those on lower wages to access helpful and tailored exercise and nutrition advice. This can no longer be the preserve of the affluent and famous. Lower cost ways to access health and nutrition advice is imperative.”

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The study also considered aspects such as salary and percentage of takeaways per 100,000 people in the population.

Remarkably this showed a huge divide, with people living in the south generally healthier as well as earning a higher average salary than those who live in the more northern areas.

The fittest place was revealed to be Cambridge with over half of the people living there regarded to be at a healthy weight.