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Boss Kicks Out Cleaner For Bringing Newborn Baby to Office, Gives Her All His Money the Next Day

A young mother named Clara was on her way to work when she found an abandoned newborn baby in a stroller. Shocked by this heart-wrenching sight, Clara couldn’t bear to leave the baby alone in the cold. She decided to bring the baby with her to the office, despite knowing her boss had strict rules about personal matters in the workplace.

However, when Clara’s boss, Mr. Gilmore, discovered the baby in the office, he flew into a rage and accused Clara of breaking the rules. He yelled at her and threatened to terminate her employment. Clara was taken aback by his reaction and realized that she didn’t want to work in such an unsympathetic environment. She packed her things and decided to find a new job.

While waiting outside the office for the police to arrive and take the baby, Clara explained her situation to the officers. They understood her predicament and sympathized with her. Clara knew she had to move on and look for a new job, leaving the fate of the baby in the hands of the authorities. Read the full story here ▶