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Blue Slime Evidence Found On Suspect In Kidnapping Attempt Of 11-Year-Old Caught On Camera

The sheriff’s office in Escambia County, Florida, released a shocking video that’s going viral. Thankfully, the suspect is in custody and the child involved is safe.

An 11-year-old girl was reportedly waiting at her bus stop, playing with some blue slime, when every parent’s worst nightmare occurred.

Out of nowhere, a 30-year-old man with a knife stopped his car, ran over to the girl, and tried grabbing her in a chilling kidnapping attempt caught on camera.

It all happened so fast — but incredibly, the girl fought back and ran away.

Authorities went on the hunt for the suspect. The sheriff’s office posted the disturbing clip of the incident online for the public to see. Within hours, they were able to identify and arrest the suspect.

When they found him, he had already given his car a brand-new coat of paint in an effort to evade authorities.

But when the officers saw the blue slime, they knew they had their man …

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