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Black Teenager’s body spotted hanging on a tree outside an Elementary School—Evidences Suggests no Foul Play

The dead body of a black teen was spotted hanging on a tree in the outdoors of Ehrhardt Elementary School located in Houston, Texas.

The deceased body was found in the parking lot of the Ehrhardt Elementary School according to the Sheriff’s Office of Harris County.Harris County’s Sheriff, however does not “smell anything fishy” based on the evidences and believes the reason for death can merely be a suicide.

The investigation started at 8 p.m. on Tuesday after the Sheriff’s office received a call from the School.The Sheriff’s Office briefed an official tweet on social media which says “Based on security video, witnesses and other evidence, preliminary indications are the male hanged himself.” They further added “There are currently no signs of foul play. Cause of death is pending autopsy,” and concluded their statement.

Surprisingly, this is the third case following the trail of similar cases from the last week where again two black men were discovered hanged on the tree not far, just 45 miles away in California.The other two deceased were identified as Robert Fuller, age 24, and Malcolm Harsch, age 38.

Black Teenager’s body spotted hanging on a tree outside an Elementary School—Evidences Suggests no Foul PlayFuller’s body was discovered hanging on a tree in Palmdale that arouse the call for a full investigation. On Monday, the representatives from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department had notified that the Fuller’s case investigation will be handled by the FBI and the California Attorney General. Based on the autopsy report the cause of death initially was identified as suicide. But the Twitterati didn’t seem to be convinced by the report and started their own rebellion— #JusticeforRobertFuller started trending everywhere on twitter hinting that Fuller’s death may not be a suicide.

On the other hand, Malcolm’s body was discovered in Victorville, California. Again the Sheriff’s of San Bernardino County didn’t suspect any foul play in this case as well, but they are still investigating the cause of death.

The FBI with respect to these two cases had issued a statement, which says “The FBI, U.S. Attorney’s office for the Central District of California and the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division are actively reviewing the investigations into the hanging deaths of two African American men in the cities of Palmdale and Victorville to determine whether there are violations of federal law.”

If you or someone you know is in distress and may have a suicidal tendency, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by dialing 1-800- 273- 8255. “Save a life, because everyone is worth living.”