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Bad son abandoned his dad in the woods, but he showed him a photo that made him cry with regret

That was the worst day of his life. Don Florentino wanted to convince his children not to take him to an asylum. He gave them several reasons to let him stay with them. He even offered to serve them without any salary, but they left him abandoned. So he gave them a mysterious photograph and when they saw it, they went back to look for him immediately.

They got up early and the old man thought they would take him for a walk. But when he saw that his sons were looking angry and arguing with each other, he knew immediately that nothing good was in store for him. His daughter-in-law, the one who never loved him and made his life impossible, came to his room with a huge smile on her face, which made the old man fear the worst they didn’t give him breakfast. They didn’t even greet him. They just forced him to take a bath and get dressed quickly. Read the full story here ▶