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Baby’s Neck Becomes Red And Swollen, Doctors Find A Feather Sticking Out

At first, they thought the red bump on their 7-month-old child’s face was a pimple.

Aaron and Emma Washington decided to let it go and thought it would heal up on its own. It didn’t go away.

It was a weird looking ‘pimple’ that kept getting bigger.

By the time they took their daughter to the doctor, the growth on her face was the size of a golf ball!

At first, the doctor thought it was an infection. He soon realized it was more than a simple infection.

The doctor pinched at it, and something popped out – so the doctor pulled on it.

He pulled out a feather!

They now believe that the baby had inhaled the feather and it had gotten stuck in her cheek and was making its way out of her body – through her skin.

Take a look at this video

I have never heard anything like that before – have you? I’m speechless.