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At Husband’s Funeral, Woman Notices Note Sticking Out of His Pocket, Quietly Pulls It Out

At the husband’s funeral woman notices, notes, sticking out of his pocket and quietly pulls it out. Christy believed she was in a loveless marriage, as her husband would always be drowning in work and never had time for her. In the end, she realized her husband loved her more than anything in the world, but it was too late. Christy and alex had been married for 10 years and had no children together. Instead, they were focused on each other’s careers and it ended up taking a toll on their relationship during special occasions like Valentine’s day, and their anniversary, alex and Christy would always head out to a simple dinner at a restaurant.

Instead of thinking these dinners were romantic. Christy would often find it more of a routine as it’d be the same thing happening year after year, Christy always dreamed of traveling the world and experiencing new cultures as they didn’t have children. She thought this would be possible and they could strengthen their relationship through these travels. However, alex would always turn down her trip proposal saying they were expensive and unnecessary. He insisted on saving up for the future, so they could go on these trips once they’ve retired. Read the full story here ▶