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As She Remodeled Her 1901 Home, She Discovered Strange Metal Circles On Her Kitchen Floor

Imagine this: you have purchased a more than century-old historic building in a small town. It’s a great buy, but, with all old buildings, you’ll need to do some renovations and remodeling to make the space appropriate for today’s standards of living.

Once in the thick of this process, your contractor explains to you that he has uncovered a series of strange metal circles on the floor of the second-floor kitchen–and that these metal circles seem to have once supported a candlepin bowling alley!

Yep, you read that correctly, a literal bowling alley was apparently operating on the second floor of this historic building; and the future owners had no idea when they bought the property.

One of the owners, Sue Hansen, told Schenectady’s The Daily Gazette that she had been using the space “just for storage,” .Read the full article here ▶