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Arguing Grannies Prove That Sisterhood Is Forever, No Matter How Old You Are

Elderly ladies can be some of the most loving and sweet people you can ever encounter in your life. But you probably haven’t met these two elderly ladies. Meet Gramma and Ginga: These two old feisty ladies enjoy nothing more than to argue and curse at one another. Yes it may sound like a bad thing but it is extremely funny and gold to watch.

Gramma and Ginga are 103 and 99 years old and they’re the sassiest sisters you’ll ever meet. These two ladies have become viral sensations for their hilarious interactions.

It turns out that no matter how old you get, you never lose your passion for irritating your siblings – Gramma and Ginga know that better than anyone

Though they love a good argument and a fight, these two sisters absolutely adore each other.

Gramma and Ginga when they were both young girls

The pair has become social media superstars thanks to their appearances on Little Big Shots and through their YouTube channel and Facebook page.

It seems that, no matter what your age, people just love to see squabbling siblings. We all know it doesn’t come from a place of malice. It’s just two loving sisters who like to wind each other up.

But every morning, they call each other to make sure they’re both okay and well. If that’s love, I don’t know what is! I hope that my brother and I will be like this in our later years.

Do you have a sibling that you love arguing with? Are your grandparents anything like these two? Let us know and share a picture of you and your sassy siblings in the comment section below.