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An elderly man was thrown out in the middle of a storm and would do something that is life changing

An elderly man was thrown out of his home in the middle of a storm and would do something that would change his life forever. Pedro lived in one of the largest and most socially unequal cities in the country. He was an old man who sold sweets in a small stall he had near the center, thanks to which he’d managed to support himself for a long time. It was the only thing he had left after a life that had treated him unfairly. Since he was a child, he’d had to work very hard to be able to eat.

His parents had abandoned him when he was only eight years old, and since then he’d learned to live and fend for himself. He was a very Noble child who unfortunately hadn’t been presented with the opportunities to do well because when he found himself alone without resources, the first and only doors that opened for him were those of crime.

That was how Pedro learned to steal. Although he never robbed anyone, he had actually become skilled in the art of extracting belongings without owners noticing, and no one ever realized that someone had stolen from them until they arrived home. He also stole food from stores and supermarkets and thus gradually managed to survive. Although this was his only means to keep from starving, he always hoped that he could do something better with his life and earn an honest living. But that opportunity only came when Pedro became a strong young man with a great stamina also. Read the full story here ▶