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ALERT: Liberals May Be Preparing To Implement Martial Law!

It goes without saying that this year has been incredibly stressful with the COVID situation as we have seen cherished liberties and freedoms stripped away around the world.
Instead of our leaders in America standing up for personal liberty they have been more than content to demean and belittle those who still hold that standard dear.
In my lifetime I never thought I would see so many people willing to give those freedoms away for safety or that they would be this easily manipulated by the media. However, here we are, and instead of it getting better and the American government backing off from these draconian measures they are only upping their tactics.
Now, there are rumors floating around that martial law will be heading to our shore sooner than later, but not before it is implemented in Canada and Australia.
Reports are swirling that all travel will be banned and that all doctors, firefighters, and local police are to be fired and the United Nations Military will take over with strict enforcement.
This is not hard to believe considering how already in New York state we are seeing nurses and doctors fired for not taking the vaccine and being replaced by the National Guard.
Who is to say that this will not be the next step on this terrifying train?
Watch this video and let us know what you think in the comments below!