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A man turned himself in to the Nome Police Department (NPD) this morning and confessed killing, butchering and partially eating three of his neighbors during a recent power shortage.

49-year old Barry Jones is a well-known survivalist and hunting guide who has been preaching for years about the imminence of World War 3 and the Apocalypse in a controversial podcast.

According to NPD spokesman, Cpt. James Sanders, when the entire town of Nome was affected by a power shortage last week, Mr. Jones believed his prophecies were coming true.

“He told us that when the power went out, he thought it was the End of the World or something and that he would need fresh meat to survive it.”

Lt. Sanders says the accused 23-year old Kathryn Anderson but judged that the 115-lbs woman was an insufficient quantity of meat, so he hunted down a couple of overweight elderly neighbors.

“He killed all three with a crossbow, butchered them, then hid the meat in the snow in several sites protected by bear traps.”

Lt. Sanders says the accused had just finished hiding his stash of meat when the power came back. The power shortage lasted a bit over three days all in all and no other incidents were reported in the small town.

Mr. Jones will now face a total of 33 criminal charges, including three counts of murders, two counts of abuse of a body and 6 counts of desecrating a corpse.

If found guilty on all charges, he faces life without parole for 225 years and a fine of $237,500.

His lawyer has demanded a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is fit to stand trial.

Considering the fact the accused already spent 7 years in various psychiatric institutions, it’s highly probable that he will be considered “not criminally responsible for his action” and simply hospitalized.