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After This Baby Was Born With One Arm Over His Head, Doctors Gave His Dad Some Frightening News

After this baby was born with one arm over his head, doctors gave his dad some frightening news. When doctors told Ben Ryan that his newborn son Soul’s arm was seriously injured, he was understandably devastated. In an instant, he saw all the things that he imagined him doing, doing together slip away. But thanks to his innovative idea, Saul might be able to make his father’s dream come true. After all, Ben and his partner, Kate Smith, live on the island of Anglesey in Wales.

He worked as a psychology lecturer at a University while Kate was a medical recruitment officer. However, in March 2015, everything changed. After the birth of their first child, their baby, a boy, was born on the day of a solar eclipse. As a result, his parents decided to name him Seoul. Kate had problematic labor, and soul was born with his left arm lifted above his head. Read the full story here ▶