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After Grandma’s Death, Brothers Mock Younger Sister for Inheriting Just a Pair of Old Chairs – Story of the Day

Three brothers fought over the inheritance when their grandmother died, but their young sister, Terri, was just sad about the older woman’s passing. Eventually, she received two old chairs and her brothers made fun of her. But Terri discovered something shocking inside those chairs.

“And finally, my antique terracotta chairs go to Terri. I hope you overlook how worn they are and see their true value someday,” Mr. Samberg, the lawyer, read. He was in charge of executing Grandma Mary’s last will, and she had bequeathed several things to her four grandchildren, Paul, Oliver, Peter, and Terri.

According to the lawyer, the three brothers would get their grandmother’s house and the money in her bank accounts, and Terri would inherit the chairs. So, when he finished reading the will, Paul immediately cackled in delight. “HA! All that buttering up you did with Grandma didn’t work! All you get are two measly chairs that aren’t worth anything,” Paul snickered evilly and looked at his brothers. Read the full story here ▶