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A Woman Met A Stranger On An Airplane, And Then Ended Up Going Home With Her Baby

Things really hadn’t been going well for Samantha at this point in time. Her relationship with her unborn baby’s father had been a bad one and had left its scars. So, even though she loved the child growing inside her, she knew she couldn’t look after her when the time came. During the earlier stages of her pregnancy, Samantha decided to spend some time with her mom who lived in Arkansas. Samantha wasn’t in a good headspace at the time, which her mother noticed.

Her mom suggested that she could look after her daughter’s baby when it was born, but Samantha didn’t think it would be a good idea. So, the path forward wasn’t at all clear for Samantha. She just didn’t know how she was going to deal with this baby when it arrived. It was a stressful, grim time, and there didn’t appear to be any easy solutions on the horizon. Fortunately, though, an unexpected meeting would quickly change everything for the better. Read the full story here ▶