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A Teen Had An Abortion Eight Months Into Her Pregnancy, But The Baby Survived

A teenager walked into a hospital scared, confused, and unsure that she was making the right choice. Her mother, a nurse, had pushed her to have an abortion rather than deliver the baby growing inside of her. Doctors performed an initial procedure, then waited five days for the teen to deliver her stillborn baby.

Her mother, the nurse, oversaw the delivery and demanded that the baby’s body be properly disposed of. The other nurses subsequently followed her directions, but suddenly everything about the procedure changed. As the medical team finished cleaning up the delivery room and the body left behind by the procedure, two nurses heard an unmistakable, feeble noise – crying. And the source of the sound came as a shock to everyone. It was August of 1977 when a nineteen-year-old college student made her way to a hospital in Sioux City, Iowa. Read the full story here ▶