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A mother saw how her ex’s girlfriend was treating her daughter and couldn’t sit still, so she wrote this letter

Breakups and divorces are usually a messy business. When two people go on separate ways, no matter what the reasons, it usually has an effect that can affect the whole family.

This includes inevitable tension between the stepparents and the parents. As people move on with life and find new love, it’s not uncommon for bitterness to build up, making everything worse for everyone involved, including the children.

Of course, this is not always the case. There are wonderful examples where two people agree to separate and not only stay in good touch, but accept and embrace the new life of their ex-partners. The loving Henry family is a wonderful example of this…

Audrey Lobbing and Corey Henry met when they were 18. They eventually got engaged, before giving birth to their daughter, Riley, who is now 4. Read the full story here ▶