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A Mother Has Been Charged with Attempting to Sell Her Baby to Strangers for $2,000

Maria Domingo-Perez, 31, was arrested last month after attempting to sell her baby for $2,000. She has been charged with selling a child for adoption, according to the Bowling Green Police Department in Kentucky.

Catarina Jose Felipe, 37, and Pascual Jose Manuel, 45, were identified as the couple that were going to buy the child have also been arrested. They have also been arrested and charged with attempting to purchase a child for adoption.

Police were initially tipped off about the crime by officials at Parker-Bennett-Curry Elementary School. Investigators then performed a welfare check at Domingo-Perez’s home, where, they say, she gave “multiple conflicting statements.”

Investigators added that though the child in question was in the home at the time of the check, Domingo-Perez may have arranged to bring the child back into the home before or after the investigators showed up.

But Domingo-Perez eventually admitted that she had sold the baby to Felipe and Manuel for $2,000. When confronted, Manuel allegedly admitted that they had, in fact, paid that amount for the baby.

All three are now in the Warren County Regional Jail. The baby in question is currently in the custody of Social Services, who have also taken Domingo-Perez’s other four children into custody. Her children range in age from one month to seven years.

Investigators are still trying to figure out how Domingo-Perez came into contact with the couple. As of now, they are not able to find any connection between them.


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