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A Hospice Employee Steps Towards This Dying Lady. Then The Camera Caught This.

The grief that families go through when a beloved family member needs hospice care, is emotionally wrenching.  Although the people who go into hospice care are very well trained and are generally unusually compassionate and exceptionally capable of giving comfort to the gravely ill, many relatives hesitate as they have heard horror stories.

We are putting our loved ones into the hands of strangers when they are in a physically helpless state, and taking a leap of faith that they will be given empathic and tender care.  Unfortunately, what we hear on the news are often horrible stories of abuse, but thankfully those instances are more the exception than the rule.  Hospice care workers are usually exceptional people.

In the incredible video you are about to watch below, footage of the actions of a hospice nurse, Josh Woodward, is caught by the camera placed in the patients’ rooms at the Austinburg Nursing & Rehab Center in Austinburg, Ohio.  Mary Redmond, who had been a voice and piano teacher to many young students over the years, had become gravely ill and required hospice support.

When Josh was doing rounds, he immediately recognized her face…he had been her student when he was just 9 years old!  She taught him to sing and play the piano, and when he recognized her he was so excited and felt the need to thank her for all she had done for him.  What he does for her each day is caught in this footage that will restore your faith in the goodness of mankind…MAYBE ANGELS DO EXIST!