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A Dying man came across an abandoned church, what he finds inside leaves him flabbergasted

Greg Thomas was diagnosed with stage-four head and neck cancer when he was 57-year-old. Though he was weakened by the cancer, Greg walked his dog for hours.

One day, he was walking with his dog and decided to walk down a path he hadn’t before. The path led him to an abandoned church.

The church was built in the late 1800s by Czech settlers.

When Greg found the church, it was locked from the inside and he couldn’t get in. The paint was peeling and the wood was rotting.

Greg decided he wanted to restore the church. For years, Greg would scrape off the peeling paint, and once the doors were opened he replaced the rotted floor.

Greg did this all while having stage-four cancer. When he was diagnosed the doctors told his family they need to make funeral arrangements. However, over the course of Greg restoring the church, his cancer went into remission.

I’d call that a miracle, wouldn’t you?