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A Camera Is Hidden by Grieving Parents at the Cemetery So They Can Reveal Their Unwanted Visit

Losing a child is every parents worst nightmare, and if anyone knows this, it’s Jacob and Tashana Armstrong. As if the loss wasn’t bad enough, someone seemed to be taunting them. Only they didn’t realize it until the couple visited their son’s grave at the Cemetery.

Parents. Hide camera in Cemetery to unveil their unwelcomed visitor.

Jacob and Tashana Armstrong imagined they’d get to see their son grow up into the incredible man he was destined to become. But that didn’t happen during the birthing process. Little McCabe Armstrong lost his life, but this was just the beginning of his parents heartbreak. Life is beautiful, but it can also be really hard at times. Bad things happen, and that’s something that the Armstrongs had just learned Read the full story here ▶