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A baby was taken to an orphanage, when his clothes were removed, here’s what they discovered

When a young woman decided to give her baby away because she couldn’t care for him, she left him something at the hospital. The doctors took off her clothes so they could do a checkup. They didn’t expect to find anything, but they promised to keep looking. It was a cold night, so the young woman wrapped her daughter in a blanket. With a shattered heart, she left her cherished daughter on the floor and ran away after knocking on the door.

It was a minute before someone opened the door; the lady gasped at the sight of the baby and rushed to pick him up gently so as not to wake her. There was a commotion as the lady carried the baby inside; no time was wasted calling the hospital or preparing the crib; the baby awoke in the midst of all the noise; when they arrived at the hospital, the doctors took the baby from the lady and wrapped her in a blanket. Then they removed her clothing to examine her for wounds or other problems, but this process was interrupted when one of the physicians felt a pulse. Read the full story here ▶