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A 3-Year-Old Found Dead, Woman At The Scene Reportedly Assaulted An Emergency Responder

Report: A 3-year-old boy found dead at the center of a custody dispute under suspicious circumstances, police reported.

Reports from sources say that soon after acknowledging the incident, a police team responded to a medical call at a home in Jacksonville Beach early Tuesday evening and as they arrived at the spot they found the 3-year-old boy at the home dead, however, the cause of the death is not revealed yet.

On the same reports, it’s been said that the parents of the victim are also involved in a custody dispute.

A woman who made the emergency call from here though it’s not clear whether she was the boy’s mother but the woman, who was later identified as Amy Oliver has been charged for possession of a controlled substance and assault on an emergency care worker however, for now, it’s been said that there are no such charges imposed against Amy for the boy’s death.

The story is a bit confusing but in its developing stages soon, we can expect authorities to release further details about the case to the world. Till that, stay tuned to our site to get more updates in the future.