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9 Yr Old With Stage 4 Cancer Meets Newborn Sister Days Later Parents Look Over And Gasp

When Bailey Cooper, 9, was told he didn’t have much longer to live, all he could think about was his little sister. Nine-year-old Bailey Cooper had just relapsed from cancer for the second time in 2017 when he learned that his mother, Rachel Cooper, was pregnant. Despite his dire prognosis, Bailey could only think of one thing: his future baby sister.

“All he was concerned about was meeting his little sister. Bailey knew something wasn’t right. He could feel it in himself,” Bailey’s dad, Lee Cooper, 31, tells PEOPLE. “We got told the news late August that he wasn’t going to survive. We were told it was days to weeks. We were very open with him. He was taking it in … He was thinking, ‘Oh no, I won’t meet my sister.’ Read the full story here ▶