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8-year-old girl shot dead while doing her homework on living room floor

An 8-year-old Indiana girl dies after being reportedly shot in the head by a stray bullet on June 22. Timiya Andrews was doing her homework on her living room floor when she was shot in the head to which the East Chicago police responded and found that an automatic weapon had fired 16 rounds.

The police had responded to an alert from their ShotSpotter system and ended up discovering Andrews on the floor, who was bleeding from her head, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The bullet is known to have ricocheted off something and then traveled through a window, mortally wounding the 8-year-old, according to the reports by WLS and the Deputy Chief Jose Rivera. Moreover, authorities have investigated the case and have reported that an older male relative of Andrews’ was also shot last week.

However, there are no reports stating that the two incidents are in connection in any way. Though Rivera said that the man who was shot lives in the same home as Andrews.

According to WBBM, the police still do not believe that it was Andrews’ house that was the target of attack and Rivera has announced a $10,000 reward to those offering any vital information in the case.