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43 Years After Their Divorce, Her Ex Husband Suddenly Stops Her With This Sign

It was an ordinary day like so many ​others. She made her way to work and started it with a huge smile. But as the day went on, she got a surprise visitor. In one split second, she would be transported back to 1959 and the smile she started her day off with would quickly be wiped away.

Renate Stumpf, a German native, had a strict​ upbringing. At only 18 years old her parents didn’t have enough money to send her to college, so she needed to find a job to help them out — and she did. Renate found a job at an army base in Germany in the late 1950s but, little did she know, she wouldn’t be staying in Germany for long.

There at the army base,​ she met the love of her life — or so she thought. Renate worked in the army base kitchen preparing and serving food for the soldiers. But one day, a man was mesmerized by Renate and her cooking. This was just the beginning of their story. Read the full story here ▶