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4-Year-Old Gives “Advice” To Baby Brother About Grannie And It’s Impossible Not To Laugh

Older brothers give you a mixture of emotions. They sometimes tease their younger siblings and protect them during other times. All in all, they never fail to stop at an opportunity to show the love they have for their siblings. They can also be very protective of their younger brothers and sisters. Some of the best lessons in life come from them. Even parents find themselves much more at ease because of their closeness in age. Anyone who grew up with an older brother will fall in love with the little boy in this video.

The boy in the story is called Ari. He is four years old. Ari and Finn are not blood relatives, but their bond is strong just like that of siblings. This is why Ari easily gives Finn brotherly advice. He has, after all, lived on earth longer than Finn.