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4 Boys Sneak Into Old Lady’s Yard, When She Grabs Hold Of Them, Her Tears Start To Flow

Getting older isn’t fun. Your body starts to ache, and you slow down. You aren’t able to do all the same things you used to do, which ended up getting Gerry Suttle, 75, in a bit of trouble. Gerry lives in a town called Riesel, Texas.

They have a local ban there that won’t allow residents to let their grass get more than 18 inches tall – which I suppose makes the area look nice.

In 2015, Gerry had some trouble keeping up with those requirements, and the police sent her a notice, and she had to go to court. Gerry never saw the notice and didn’t realize she had to go to court. Believe it or not, a warrant was issued for Gerry’s arrest, and word soon got out that she would be thrown in jail! Read the full story here ▶