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3 Words Gets Man Kicked Off Plane After He Saw Flight Attendant’s Rude Pin

While a man was on a flight from Largo, Florida to Houston, Texas, quite an unforeseen turn of event unfolded on the runway. As the flight attendants were getting everyone situated for takeoff, the man was disgusted to see a pin with a rude remark on a flight attendant’s uniform. The man responded with three simple words, but no one anticipated what happened next.

Robert Coyle was sitting in his seat when he noticed a pin on a black flight attendant’s uniform. After he took a closer look, he was appalled at what he was reading. The woman’s pin read, “Black Lives Matter, White Supremacy Kills.”

Robert knew he needed to voice his opinion to the flight attendant, and that’s exactly what he did. Instead of making a big deal out of it, he decided to simply relay to the woman three simple words — “All lives matter.” However, the simple statement infuriated the woman, and she immediately went too far.

“I disagree with you, I disagree with you on so many levels,” the woman told Robert, according to Fox 13. “I really can’t speak politically while I am in uniform.” Apparently, the woman had forgotten that she was wearing a political statement right on her uniform in plain view for the public to see.

Robert immediately snapped a photo of the attendant and her rude politically incorrect message. Unfortunately, the woman spotted Robert taking the photo and demanded that he delete it. However, several moments later as the plane approached the runway, the attendant must have decided that Robert deserved more of a punishment for his actions and asked the pilot to return to the gate, where the paying customer was removed from the plane.

Thankfully, Robert was later able to recover the photo and shared it on the Internet for the world to see. “No company should allow that to happen, unless they are willing to accept the consequences for that happening,” Robert explained, according to Blue Lives Matter.

When Spirit Airlines heard about the incident, they said the attendant was violating company policy by wearing a political statement on her uniform. “Spirit Airlines is proud of a diverse workplace with team members of many different backgrounds and beliefs,” the company announced. “The photo indicates the Flight Attendant was not in compliance with our uniform policy. We have addressed this with the flight attendant and have spoken with Mr. Coyle regarding this unfortunate situation.”

The 14-month employee of the airline has not been identified but has been disciplined by her superiors. “If you have something offensive on your uniform, you are going to offend customers,“ Robert said, “and customers pay the bills.”

When you work in a position where you are constantly in the public eye, there is no excuse to flaunt your own beliefs on your uniform, especially if they coincide with anti-police groups like Black Lives Matter. Robert simply said what’s true – all lives matter.