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14-year-old shot his entire family to death after finding out his mom was not his actual biological mother

Trigger warning: contains details of murder which may be distressing to some.

It was in the early hours of the morning when deputies answered a 911 call where a 14-year-old boy was on the other side of the line. The boy told them that he heard gunshots in his house, coming from the upper floor while he was downstairs. When the officers reached the house located in Limestone County, Alabama, they found five people shot to death, according to FOX 4.

Steven Young, the spokesman for the Limestone Sheriff’s Office, told Metro, “The offender called 911… he met deputies in the driveway and told them he had been in the basement of the home and heard gunshots from the main level of the home upstairs. He said he ran out the door and there was very little other information given.”

While three people were found dead at the scene, the other two were rushed to the hospital but soon succumbed to their injuries and died.

As the officers asked the boy about the events that took place before he made the 911 call, they found the 14-year-old confess that he was the one who killed the five people—his father, 38-year-old John Sisk, his stepmother, 35-year-old Mary Sisk, and his three half-siblings, 6-year-old Kane, 5-year-old Rorrie, and 6-month-old Colson.

After gunning his entire family down with a 9mm handgun, the boy said that he had dumped the weapon somewhere closeby and, eventually, he helped officers find the gun he used to kill his family, according to ABC13.

It was later found that the 14-year-old had allegedly shot his family, one by one, while they were asleep. He put a gun to their heads and fired the shot, leaving all his victims with gunshot wounds in their heads.

Although no motive for the murders was given out by the officials, family members believe that it may have had something to do with the revelation the boy was confronted with about his family. The teenager’s first cousin Daisy McCarty told WAFF-48 News that just days before killing his family in September 2019, he found out that Mary Sisk, his mom, was not his biological mother and that she had adopted him, as reported by

“He didn’t know any different of who his mom was,” Daisy told WAFF-TV, as quoted by USA Today. “And they just recently told him, and I think that’s really what triggered the little boy, to be honest with you.

Daisy also added that in the months leading up to the murders, the teenager had been acting out as well. There were incidents where he would break into school and where he would torture animals by burning them alive.

It was also reported that the boy’s father John Sisk said in court that his son had not seen his biological mother since he was three years old and that she had passed away in 2011. John got full custody of his son in 2010, which was also the year that he married Mary, according to

Although Mary was not the 14-year-old’s real mother, she treated him as if he were her own and even dyed her hair to a dark color just so that it would match her stepson. His three younger siblings were born with blonde hair, and Mary wanted to make sure that the teenager wouldn’t feel left out.

Following the murders, the boy’s grandmother and also Mary’s mother Denise Prater said that she would still love and forgive the boy. “We are going to love him… our attitude is he must be scared out of his mind and will realize all of a sudden what he did,” Denise said. “We did not see a bad child. We did not see a child who was going to do this.”

Denise said that the boy was never treated like a stepson and added, “Mary was never his stepmother. (He) was always her son, always my grandson. We never said ‘step.’ Mary was the best thing that ever happened to (him). He loved being in our family. He was always ours.”

When she found out that information about him burning animals alive, she said she didn’t believe and added, “He was going through the pain and angst of being a 14-year-old boy. What we saw was a 14-year-old trying to grow into adulthood with three young siblings. But this never would have entered our minds. He was a good kid. His friends are also shocked.”

The boy was charged with murder charges for killing his family and details of the court proceedings were kept away from the public.