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They thought she was carrying 8 babies. No one was prepared when it came time for her to give birth

Most parents-to-be take pictures of the mom’s growing tummy so that they never forget the time when they were anxiously expecting the newest addition to their family. However, when TikToker Renee W decided to share her pregnancy story and her massive belly on social media, she was met with skepticism and a doctor who began to question her.

But in the end, Renee silenced all doubters when it was time for her to deliver. All mothers can undoubtedly testify to the incredible, albeit a bit scary, feeling that comes with sensing their baby’s movements in their belly. Pregnancy can affect all women differently.

Some can lay bedridden for days on end, unable to keep meals down. Others, meanwhile, can be more active and productive than ever before. When mother Renee W from the U.S became pregnant for the sixth time in her life, she was very active and started posting pictures of her pregnant tummy on the social networking platform TikTok. Renee initially posted videos about her recovery and journey towards a sober life, but she shifted focus after she became pregnant. Read the full story here ▶