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Mom installs camera sees why she’s always tired

He felt her pulse Quicken as she did her nightly ritual of putting the kids to bed, brushing her teeth, setting up the camera in her bedroom and turning off the lights on. Reviewing the footage, she couldn’t believe what she had slept through and with it so close to her face. What had really happened that night? Melanie Darnell is a vegan, fitness guru and mother of three. She is also a blogger with 1000 followers.

She juggles looking after her kids and keeping a strict routine, working out and staying healthy. But in reality, many people didn’t know what was actually going on, and no one would have believed her anyway. No one would have ever thought that Melanie was actually going through awful bouts of fatigue. It all started ten months ago when strange noises started emanating from her house. She thought it was just the trees in the wind or the old wooden house creaking. Read the full story here ▶