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Judge Has to Repossess Debt-Ridden Woman’s House, nearly faints when she recognizes her

A judge is shocked when she discovers that a woman she is forced to rule against for dead is someone she loves and admires. Linda Wallace was a successful woman with a full and rewarding life. After a brilliant legal career, she had been appointed to the bar at age 35 as one of the youngest judges in the state.

She was happily married to an English literature professor, a wonderful man with whom she had shared two lovely children. But what most people didn’t know was that Linda had grown up dirt poor as the youngest child in a dysfunctional family.

Linda’s present life was a miracle, and once she’d never stopped thanking God for it. It was a Friday afternoon, and after a hectic day in which every lawyer who stood before her seemed intent on wasting her time, Linda was exhausted. Her clerk placed yet another file before her and stepped back. Linda saw that it was a motion to sell a house belonging to a Mrs. Edith Halloran for seven years of property taxes. Read the full story here ▶