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En Route To Daycare A Mother Left Her Baby In A Sweltering Car Then The Ultimate Tragedy Unfolded

After dropping off her daughter at a daycare in New Albany, Indiana, a mother was due to take her son to another location but instead went straight to work with her baby boy still in his infant seat. As she went about her daily business, the ultimate heartbreaking tragedy unfolded on July last year. It may have been a fairly typical day in the life of Aaron Turner’s two kids. His ex-girlfriend dropped their two-year-old daughter off at the Kids Care Academy Day Care Center, and she was due to take their three-month-old son Aiden Miller to a separate daycare facility.

However, Miller’s mom, who hasn’t been named, missed the stop for her baby’s drop-off, which was only about two miles from her daughter’s stop. Instead, she drove straight to work at the Express Care facility in New Albany, Indiana. Read the full story here ▶