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Boy Thinks He Sees A Boat, When He Starts Digging He Found This

He was the one who had found it, so in his mind, he got to open the hatch first. Metal screeched against metal as the top came off and revealed the long-forgotten contents. Everyone crowded around and shook their heads in disbelief. Then, without warning, someone grabbed him and pulled him away. ” Casper looked at the left path, then the right one. The right one was well-worn and popular with hikers.

The other could barely be called a path at all, and that was the one he wanted. It was time to explore the Estonian swamp. The lush green pines pierced the sky. Soon, Lake Curtin and Madisyarv appeared as he wandered the squishy perimeter. He noticed strange markings in the patchy earth.

They might have been covered with years of growth, but it clearly wasn’t like any shape he’d seen before. During his many wanderings, he nudged it with his boot. Then something else caught his eye. A rope was there, a sunken boat. He scraped away the mud and tried to pull it. Read the full story here ▶