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Woman Sees Pit Bull Escape, Then She Hears A Scream – A Second Later She Realizes What Happened

When Blitz heard a wife’s cries for help while her husband beat and dragged her across the street, he knew just what he had to do.
In an admirable act of heroism, Blitz ran straight to the man, freeing the woman and allowing her to call the police.

Not only was the woman’s life saved, authorities were able to arrest the man, Steven Paul Schumacher, on domestic violence and home invasion charges, WZZM reports.

But for many, what’s made this particular story so remarkable is the fact that Blitz is not your ordinary hero at all.
Blitz is a dog. Even more shockingly, he is a pit bull: the same breed believed to be violent, eliciting fear among many.

Yet Blitz didn’t even try to bite the abusive husband. He just gave Schumacher a bit of scare, so he would loosen his grip on his wife and become distracted, which worked.

“The dog created enough of a distraction where it created a window of opportunity for her to run,” Holland, Michigan police Capt. Rick Walters said, MLive reports.

“It’s hard to tell what may or may not have happened if not for that dog,” he added to the Holland Sentinel.
Blitz’ owner said she was proud.

“I didn’t think he had it in him, but I guess he did,” she said.

It was later concluded the husband had suffered a manic episode.

Also, prior to the incident, Schumacher had sent his wife multiple text messages in which he threatened to kill himself.

Judge Calvin Bosman gave Schumacher a reduced prison sentence of 270 days in light of Schumacher’s mental condition, while mandating he receive treatment and stay away from his wife.

“I do believe you were not properly treated for your mental illness,” Judge Bosman said after pronouncing his sentence.
Schumacher has since expressed remorse.

“What I did to her was terrible,” he said. “I really wish her the best in life. I hope this will not affect her too deeply.”