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Woman says she is in ‘indescribable pain’ after she lost her 3 children and her husband tragically died of the same hereditary disease!

During an interview with local news outlets, the grieving widow Mariela reportedly said: “My friends, I never imagined making this post. I never prepared myself for this moment because I was always convinced Regis would make a full recovery.

It’s an indescribable pain. The ground has opened up and I don’t know what life will be like without his affection, companionship and absolute love.” According to Mariela, her husband reportedly died of the same disease which took the lives of their 3 children.

Seven years ago, the 53-year-old dad and his 3 children learned that they all had Li-Fraumeni syndrome or LFS. In January, he was diagnosed with multiple myeloma — a cancer affecting white blood cells. Read the full story here ▶